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Health Risks of Heavy Metals

Excessive exposure of heavy metals in drinking water can cause development delays, high blood pressure, organ damage, cancer, and other severe health effects.

The young are more prone to the toxic effects of heavy metals, as the rapidly developing body systems in the fetus, infants and young children are far more sensitive.

Childhood exposure to some metals can result in learning difficulties, memory impairment, damage to the nervous system, and behavioral problems such as aggressiveness and hyperactivity.

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Nickel (Ni): Carcinogenic
Lead (Pb): Damage of circulatory system and nervous system
Copper (Cu): Gastrointestinal effects
Cadmium (Cd): Kidney damage
Antimony (Sb): Carcinogenic
Chromium (Cr): Carcinogenic

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Guidelines for Drinking Water Safety

Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards from Water Supplies Department
Drinking Water Quality Guidelines from World Health Organization 
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