Test Process

As a professional laboratory, we understand our results mean a lot to our clients.

Our sampling specialists went through relevant and proper training and are familiar with the sampling procedures and handling of water samples, will ensure that the samples are representatives of water quality of the premises and free from contamination during the course of sampling, sample storage and transportation.
Our sample bottles are made of qualified plastic material with a capacity of 1-litre for metal tests, 500ml for chemical and physical tests and 250ml for bacteriological test. All sample bottles are prepared in accordance with the ISO standards.
Our specialist will collect water samples at the locations selected by WSD according to the steps outlined in the WSD Sampling Protocol, and record all information and observation.
All sample bottles will be labelled immediately, stored properly and delivered to the laboratory for testing as soon as possible.

For the Drinking Water Safety Test for Premises, Promet will send the test results by email as soon as they are ready, a printed report and certificate of compliance will be issued within a week after the completion of test.

As for Commissioning Test of Fresh Water Plumbing System and New Commissioning Test for Plumbing Works in Occupied Buildings/Village Houses, Promet will submit a complete report to the WSD within 5 days after collecting the samples.

6 Steps towards Safe Water

Clean drinking water is something every person needs in order to stay healthy. It is easy to prepare the samples for water quality test.



Prepare a glass or polyethene bottle (e.g. distilled water bottle). It is not recommended to use bottles of mineral water because the residuals will affect the test results.


Take the first use 500ml water sample of the day.


Put a label on it to indicate when and where the water is sampled, especially if you have more than 1 sample.




Promet arranges courier to collect sample(s) from you.


You will receive the test results within 7 working days by email.